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Find a Group to Join or Create a Group of your Own 

Meeting together is much more fun and helpful than going it alone.  Consider joining a group of peers for support and encouragement.  We offer five types of short and long term groups.  Scroll down to learn more and use our search function to find groups in your area.  

Development - These are great groups if you are looking to develop your leadership skills or need to be encouraged to step more fully into your leadership gifing. 

Intercession - There is nothing richer or more impactful than when leaders from a variety of streams of faith and focus areas come together in unity to pray.  As leaders, we can get sucked into busy-ness and activities, when stopping to enjoy the power of the Holy Spirit in prayer would have much more impact.  You don't want to miss the experience of one of our Prevailing Prayer community intercession groups.  Your life and leadership will never be the same.  

Health - Leaders don't have to be perfect, but the healthier we are, the more effective we are.  Our groups are a safe place for you to receive what you need to heal physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. 

Creativity - Start or join a group that focuses on getting your creative juices flowing.  

Projects - Join one of our Community Projects groups that bring leaders together to tackle an important issue in your community that we can get done alone.    

With the functions below, you can create a new group or find a group that already exists to join. To do this, you must have a profile and be logged in as a Member 

Any leader may start a Leadership Refresh Group.  However, if you are thinking of starting an Intercession or Project Group, please contact us to discuss.  If you start a new group, help others find you by clicking on Create a Group below and entering all of the information about your group.

To search for a group to join, select your geographical area in the first drop down box and then select the type of group in the second drop down box.  Blank search field will search on group leader's name only.  Any groups that match your criteria will show up.  To access more detailed information about any group listed, double click on the picture next to the group.  If you find a group you would like to join, we recommend that you contact the leader via e-mail before attending or joining online, unless it's specified otherwise.  To join online, double click on your leader's group and add your information as a Member. Please note, that the number of group members is not always accurate and will typically show less members than are actually in the group. 

Type Subtype
Group: Rachel Kerrick / Jana Schopp / Suzanne Baker Brown
Types: Bloomington/Normal - Projects
Size: 1 members
Group: Suzanne Baker Brown / Cathy Grennan
Types: Chicago-NW Suburbs - Intercession
Size: 1 members

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