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Community Projects

In each area that we go into, we are praying about and launching social justice and compassion projects that will have more chance of success if we can get the community of faith and the community at large working together.  Examples of previous community projects are: 

1)  Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation / Trafficking - Our various local teams are addressing this issue through community engagement, prevention and restorative services. Examples include: Stepping Stones Network addressing Lake County, IL and adjacent areas. See www.steppingstonesnetwork.org; Selah Freedom launched by our South Florida Team.  See www.selahfreedom.com; and a prevention program for at risk teens and girls aging out of foster care to be launched by our Central IL team. 

2)  Sexual and Post-Abortive Healing - Depending on the statistics you read, it is possible that 1 in 3 women have suffered some form of sexual abuse and/or have had an abortion.  Many men have also been deeply affected.   Some stats say that seven out of ten men use pornography and women can struggle with this as well.  Coming out of these situations can often affect our ability to live a healthy life.  Some victims are walking around living somewhat normally, while hiding the pain and shame inside and the impact behind the scenes.  Others have had their lives devastated by addictions, isolation, divorce, inability to maintain healthy relationships or a job, loss of motherhood, etc.  We are encouraging leaders to create an environment for those they lead to get the help that they need.  But these issues are affecting many leaders as well.  If we're going to help others, as leaders, we have to have the courage to receive the help we need.  We are raising awareness and making it safe and OK for leaders to step into the healing process by offering confidential groups and individual support/prayer sessions.  We have partnered with local crisis pregnancy centers in these efforts.

3)  Community Prayer Rooms (CPR) - Offers a consistent time and place for anyone to join in worship and receive words of encouragement and prayer for issues of body, soul and spirit.  Trained prayer teams will be available.  Our most recent CPR was launched by our Bloomington-Normal team on October 30, 2014.  CPR team is currently on sabbatical. For more information, see www.communityprayerrooms.org.

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