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Is Your Family in Harmony?

Aug 09 2011

by Suzanne Baker  (Psalm 133)

Last summer at our annual lake house gathering, I experienced an unexpected delight, my extended family in complete harmony, for a whole day!!  The snide remarks and sideways digs were no where to be found.  No fear of religious or political differences reared its very ugly head.  The need to be right or on moral high ground had disappeared. 

Float, Baby, Float!

Aug 01 2011

 By: Elizabeth Melendez Fisher  (Matthew 11:28)

I got sold into a massage membership. You know the ones that advertise for thirty-nine dollars? I vowed to go in once, get the discount and move on. But the atmosphere and the experience hooked me, not to mention the sales pitch. I heard a voice whisper, “You deserve this, you deserve to rest and be pampered.” Yes I do, I agreed. And with great resolve for self-care, I signed up

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